Michael Tyznik

Columbus tram-train map

After my previous study of a light-rail transit system for Columbus, Ohio, I realized that restricting the system to using only existing freight rail rights-of-way was not the best solution. Instead, I created a system that utilizes existing rail rights-of-way, but also incorporates new rights-of-way to bring the system into more heavily-populated areas. The light-rail system runs as a local streetcar on surface streets within suburbs, then runs an express route on an exclusive right-of-way (freight rail lines and freeways) towards downtown Columbus. The system is fleshed out further with several streetcar lines throughout the central Columbus neighborhoods and along main thoroughfares to the north.

A poster of the map is available from Society6, along with T-shirts and other accessories, and a PDF can be downloaded here.

Columbus light rail

After my previous study of a heavy-rail transit system for Columbus, Ohio, I started to investigate a more practical light-rail system. Columbus already has an extensive system of freight rail tracks, some unused, which extend out to most of Columbus's suburbs and exurbs. I studied these existing rails and created a light-rail system that runs entirely on existing freight rail tracks and rights-of-way.

Line map

Columbus metro

My hometown of Columbus, Ohio is the largest city in the United States without any significant public transportation. After living in Washington, DC, I was inspired to create a fantasy metro rail system for Columbus. I created several lines that I thought would best serve the Columbus metropolitan area, and then created a simple graphic identity and accompanying materials for the system.

Geographic map

Metro card

Station signage