Michael Tyznik

Bus stop signage

Redesign of Cincinnati transit system signage. Bus stop signage in most cities is lacking in detail, and the signage for Cincinnati's Metro bus system is particularly sparse. At most, bus stop signs in Cincinnati provide the bare minimum of information: the bus routes that stop there, and the metro authority's contact information. These signs could be much more useful.

In my redesign of these signs, they are only slightly larger than the old signs, but contain a wealth of new information. In addition to the numbers of the routes that stop at the current stop, their destinations are shown, to verify that the rider is on the correct side of the street. In addition, the hours each bus runs are shown, so that people know if they're going to have to wait hours for the next bus.

In addition to information about the current stop, all signs show nearby bus stops and what routes stop at them, in addition to directions to each of the stops. This is especially helpful in areas with many bus routes, as not all routes stop at the same stops. In more densely commercial, institutional, and cultural areas, this information is supplemented by a map showing nearby points of interest, as well as the locations of the nearby bus stops.

Personal project. Not produced in conjunction with SORTA.