Michael Tyznik

Rendering of shopping center entrance

Hyatt Waikiki signage

Complete signage package for the Hyatt Waikiki resort. Working within the stringent signage regulations of the Waikiki district of Honolulu, we created a complete signage package for the resort. Regulations require that all signs include a Hawai‘ian motif, such as palm leaves. We took a traditional Hawai‘ian quilt pattern, simplified it, and then scattered it across the bulkheads of the building, incorporating the motif without resorting to cliché.

We worked with a local signage firm to develop extensive signage documentation to be submitted to the district signage committee.

Designed at Pompei A.D.

Rendering of new patterned bulkhead

The pattern used was abstracted from a traditional Hawai‘ian quilt pattern.

Pedestrian signage

Vehicular signage

Building signage

Vehicular signage