Michael Tyznik

One of Locale’s brand signatures—a localized stamp applied at checkout

Locale Branding

Rebrand of Aldo Group’s FeetFirst chain into Locale. Aldo’s FeetFirst stores lacked personality and storytelling. We worked to develop Locale, a complete rebrand, based around the idea of an atelier. The store’s collateral reflects the store design itself, with attention paid to materiality and hand-craft. Partnerships with local art galleries permeate both the space and the brand collateral. Localization is a major part of the brand identity, with each store receiving a custom stamp to be used on all shopping bags and business cards.

Designed at Pompei A.D.

FeetFirst storefront

Locale storefront

FeetFirst store interior

Locale store interior

Shoe box

Shopping bag

In-store signage

Brand guidelines

Brand monogram

Brand colors

Handwriting style

Localization stamps

Illustration style

In-store signage

Sale signage

Giftcard packaging

Business cards

Ribbons and stickers