Michael Tyznik

Lovesac logo system

Lovesac rebrand

Complete rebrand of US alternative furniture retailer Lovesac. Best known for their line of beanbag-esque chairs, Lovesac recently introduced a line of innovative modular sofas. We worked to evolve their brand to help them be taken seriously in the furniture market, without losing their core fanbase or quirky sense of humor.

Rebrand included: designing dynamic logo system based on Lovesac’s motto “Life changes, so should your furniture”; creating extensive (50+ pages) brand guidelines; developing in-store signage systems; designing packaging, hangtags, product branding, and corporate collateral; providing design direction for the brand’s website and in-store interactive displays.

Designed at Pompei A.D.

Lovesac’s new business cards epitomize the brand’s dual personalities—restrained and functional on one side, brash and colorful on the other.

Lovesac’s Sac chairs come packaged in a functional, reusable duffel.


Product information tags

Gift cards

Product quote and purchase receipt

Register tape

Sactionals fabric cover packaging

Lovesac’s brand personality extends into the act of opening the packaging.

Packaging for the three lines of Sactionals products

Stanchion signage

Website design direction