Michael Tyznik

Game of Thrones Transit Maps

Inspired by the work of Cameron Booth and his awesome Transit Maps Tumblr, I created these rail maps of Westeros and The Known World. Hopefully fans will notice some small touches — the closed stations along the Wall Line, for example.

Prints of the maps are available starting at $40 at inPRNT: Westeros and The Known World. For European delivery, prints are also available in multiple languages at Artflakes. You can also view the maps at high resolution on my Flickr: Westeros and The Known World.

Featured by The Verge, The Escapist, The Guardian, Mashable, Boy Genius Report, Polygon, Buzzfeed, Fast Company, Cnet, Kotaku, MTV, The Washington Post, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Le Monde de Vanity Fair, The Daily Record, and the Transit Maps Tumblr. Shortlisted for the 2014 Information Is Beautiful Awards.